Obscure Female Writers Who Shouldn’t Be…

I love stumbling across a writer like Emma Lathen.  Two writers, actually, as it’s a collaboration of two, a collaboration that was long kept secret.  One was a Wellesley College graduate, the other a Mount Holyoke graduate, and they met afterwards in the 1950s at Harvard.  They had successful business/law careers while writing a series of murder mysteries on technical financial themes.  Am currently reading the engaging MURDER AGAINST THE GRAIN (1967), and learning all sorts of improbable things on wheat brokering and the old Port of New York.  If it’s even possible, their lives were more engaging still.  They sometimes shared a house together to write (each would alternate a chapter and I sometimes thought I saw the signs of this), while keeping various suitors in their place/at bay.  I’m attaching the obituary because it’s more fun to read than Wikipedia’s piece.


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