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AFTER THE WINTER “has a nicely complicated, sinister plot, a gothic setting, romantic entanglements and some ambiguous characters…a pleasure to read…”
Joan Barfoot, award-winning Canadian author, London Free Press and Postmedia

“Couldn’t put the book down until I read all of it, being totally caught of guard with the surprise ending.”  Arts and Entertainment Columnist Bernard Mendelman, The Suburban, Montreal

“***** A Gripping Page-Turner…  [In AFTER THE WINTER,] Ms. Dowdall has crafted a compelling mystery, filled with suspense, death threats, multiple murders, romantic entanglements, plot twists, and an unexpected ending. I was captivated from the start and stayed up two nights to finish reading this gripping page-turner set in the Eastern Townships during a cold, blustery holiday season. I could easily visualize many of the scenes and found myself longing to travel once more to Quebec…but not during the winter. An excellent debut!”   Joanne Guidoccio, Canadian author of the Gilda Greco mystery series

AFTER THE WINTER is “a perfect read for a rainy afternoon…”
Laura Kelly,
“***** AFTER THE WINTER was an impressive first outing which showed a lot of originality and cleverness. There was even a sub-plot that I was beginning to be sure had been forgotten along the way and that was actually paid off in the final few pages. That to me is one of the hallmarks of good writing…”  Alan Teder, Goodreads Librarian